RenegadeXIII Fitness


RenegadeXIII Fitness is training that understands that for many, the lack of PERSONAL in personal training is the missing link causing failure for so many people ready to take their health and wellness back under their own control. Not everyone can or wants to work out at the gym. I bring the “gym” to you. No excuses anymore!

The RenegadeXIII approach to a fit, healthy life is more than just working out. One of the greatest rewards of exercising is CONFIDENCE. A fit lifestyle builds the confidence that is needed for the motivation and discipline you’ll need to stay on track. That confidence is often missing as we first start out on a healthy lifestyle path, setting us up for failure.

The hardest part of a fitness program is waking up each day knowing you have to get it done, no excuses. That is where RenegadeXIII  is different than traditional gym based training. I will sit down with you and we’ll talk about what has worked for you in the past and what hasn’t and we will find a PERSONALIZED solution. We will figure out what will help you love the person you are TODAY before you ever pick up a weight. Whether we need to stand at your fridge together and throw out the ice cream, or you need a check in during the week to make sure you are staying on track, or you need a regular reminder that you are AMAZING, we will attack and destroy every obstacle getting in the way of your goals together.

The physical and emotional well being you develop along with the self confidence gained from living a fit lifestyle begins the moment you make the commitment to yourself to make a change. This isn’t just about losing weight before vacation. A large part of the motivation to continue with a fitness program needs to come from benefits you feel from the first day you start your plan. Focusing on longer term goals is important, but what are you doing TODAY that will give you the drive to stick with your fitness program long term? I will give you a manageable, effective plan of attack that will have you waking up on day one feeling more confident and empowered.

Personal training/fit-life coaching is available locally on the Kitsap Peninsula as well as online through plans focused on keeping you engaged and motivated. My plans are personalized to fit every budget and meet every goal. Whether you are looking for twice weekly training, side by side with me, or even just a partner to help guide you towards lifestyle changes that will impact your health, fitness AND confidence, I will create a plan targeted to your needs. Contact me for details!